The Surfer Safe for Safe Surfing. Don’t worry about your personal belongings sitting on the beach while you are in the ocean any longer. Drop off your stuff with us while you are in the ocean and pick it up when you’re done. It’s as simple as that. Don’t let your S%!T get swooped. Car keys, wallets, phones, boards, clothes, bags, WHATEVER! Let us hold it securely and enjoy the ocean!. Don’t worry about trolls or randoms try to mess with your personal belongings. We are here for the surfer’s and other board sport athletes. We all want to think the beach is a safe and chill spot, but reality is, there are people out there scooping you out even before you park your vehicle. They see your boards on or in your vehicle, follow you to where you park, follow you and watch you drop your stuff on the beach, just waiting to steal your personal belongings and even your vehicle while you are out enjoying the waves! Totally F@#ked up! We are here to prevent that so you can enjoy the beach to the fullest. Drop let your stuff get stolen. ¬†Surfer Safe is your solution to a totally relaxed time at the beach.


Items we will NOT store for you:

-No weapons(Guns, knifes, crazy items we do not feel comfortable with)

-No alcohol

-No drugs

-No humans(alive or dead)

-No pets

-Nothing illegal

We will not hold anything for you that we are not comfortable with. This is for beach goers. Not supplies while you move.

Anything unclaimed the day of drop off, may be picked up the next day at a surplus charge. A really really high surplus charge. This is not overnight storage ladies and gents. Keep it Classy!